The Woodworking Industry recognizes the Vega Lathe Duplicator as the best manual duplicator on the Market, because it removes stock faster, produces better detail, is more convenient to use, and has more useful attachments. It is used by the serious Hobbyist, Job Shops, and large Production shops for shorter runs. If you are a serious part time Woodworker or have production requirements, then the Vega duplicator is for you. The Duplicator will fit virtually any Lathe and is available in 36", 48", and 96" travel. The Vega Duplicator has a 14 year proven track record - put Vega's experience to work for you.

Turning is a fascinating process to provide interesting and artistic shapes that can be provided by no other process. Unfortunately, a substantial degree of skill is required and the production of matching shapes (4 table legs or 35 balustrades) becomes excruciatingly time and patience consuming. The Vega Duplicator solves this problem while still providing full scope for Artistic expression. The Vega Duplicator will copy from original turnings or from a template. Templates are the desired method and are typically made from plexiglass.

Here are a few unsolicited comments about the Vega Duplicator….

J.S., Kittery Point, ME…."I want you to know how pleased I am with my D-36 Duplicator…the whole rig is suiting my work just fine…Thank You for you prompt service".

J.G., Reno, NV…."I love the Duplicator. I am very satisfied".

R.W., Washington, IA…."I am very pleased with the Copy Machine. My first project was 80 spindles for my daughter's new porch. The spindles turned out perfectly".

E.M., Tuscola, IL…."I wonder if anyone has made more turnings on their duplicator than I have…15,000 turnings on my Vega Lathe Duplicator in the last four (4) years".


  1. RIGIDITY - Thoughtful design has created an extremely rigid machine which holds the cutter firmly in place to allow rapid stock removal with minimum vibration.
  2. DURABILITY - All potential wear points use low friction bearing materials with easily adjustable take ups. This combination yields a machine well suited to serious production turning. It is not uncommon for these Duplicators to run 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year…For several years and years with virtually zero maintenance.
  3. EASE OF OPERATION - All Duplicator Controls are located for fast and easy operation. The Duplicator Cutter may be controlled by hand, by adjustable spring tension or a combination of the two. Micro adjustment is provided by for extreme control in sizing the turning. (Very important for sizing tenons).
  4. FAST SET UP - After an initial set up of 1/2 hour, subsequent set ups take just minutes. The Duplicator can be quickly removed by loosening two (2) bolts for doing hand turning (or the Duplicator can be mounted on the rear of the lathe allowing hand turning from the front). A video Tape explaining the set up and use is included with each Vega Duplicator. All necessary mounting hardware is included.
  5. ACCESSORIES - Vega manufactures a number of great accessories for the Vega Duplicator. The Slender Turning Attachment 1.375 and 1.875 solves the problem of thin, long stock whipping. The Spiral Attachment and your router produces Spiral Flutes or Reeds, following the contour of your turning. Using the Router Bracket with your router produces straight and contour fluting/reeding.
Slender Turning Accessory 1.375
(Accessory) The original Vega Slender Turning Attachment (STA) is a wonderful, addition to the Vega Duplicator solving the problem of long slender turnings 'whipping' when being turned. The STA bolts to the Duplicator and supports turnings utilizing a sealed ball bearing with an adjustable bearing insert combination. The STA 1.375 accepts stock 1 3/8" square and smaller. It is designed to remove all material, in one pass, working from the Tailstock towards the Headstock.
Slender Turning Accessory 1.875
(Accessory) The Slender Turning Attachment (STA) 1.875 is a larger version of the original Slender Turning Attachment. In addition to a larger capacity (1 7/8" compared to 1 3/8"). The STA 1.875 features a retractable fixed cutter which allows you to leave a square section in the turning while utilizing the fixed cutter. Four large set screws secure the stock in a rotating bearing for excellent stock support. The design of this tool allows for very good detailing on intricate turnings and for very rapid stock removal.
Spiral Attachment
(Accessory) To put the finishing touches on your 'fancy' Turnings, the Spiral Attachment may be your solution. The Vega Spiral Attachment, when used with the Vega Duplicator and your Router, allows you to add spiral flutes or reeds to the Turnings you have completed on the Vega Duplicator. An unusual feature of this Spiral Attachment is that the router will follow the contour of your Turning! Complete with 24-tooth index plate (which allows you to cut 1,2,3,4,6,8,12 or 24 evenly spaced reeds or flutes), all necessary hardware, and an Instructional VideoTape.
Router Bracket
(Accessory) The Router Bracket in conjunction with the Vega Duplicator allows a router to be mounted on the Duplicator carriage and producing straight or contour fluting and reeding. (Being able to follow the contour of your turning for fluting or reeding is an unusual feature). The Router Bracket will accept round type routers up to 5" in diameter.
Easy To Use
While the Vega Duplicator is remarkably easy to use, a Video Tape showing its installation and use is provided with each Duplicator. This tape is also available for a nominal charge.

How to order
Due to the large variety of Lathes manufactured it is sometimes necessary to obtain the dimensions (shown below) from your Lathe. (For common Lathes the Manufacturer, Model Number, and Swing is usually adequate). Single tube Lathes require mounts that attach to the bench. Some mounts will have to be custom made and will have an additional charge. Lathes with swings smaller than 10" or larger than 16" will have an additional charge.