~2600 Bowl Lathe~


Designed in conjunction with Keith Adams, a very talented professional Bowl Turner, the Vega 2600 is made specifically for Bowl Turning, with the capacity for very large workpieces.  We have paid particular attention to a design that provides great resistance to oscillation (Gross Low Frequency Vibration).  All loaded components must also be designed to resist higher frequency vibration when turning heavy and greatly unbalanced blanks.  The Vega 2600 has a drive system that provides very low RPM's, very high torque and continuously variable speed.  Another very important objective is to provide an outstanding value to our customers.


Excessive vibration and oscillation become a problem when turning large and unbalanced shapes.  While low RPM's are essential, having great mass properly placed and to use the best materials is equally critical.  The most effective placement of mass is around the spindle center.  Adding weight to the Lathe at any location helps, but as its distance from the center of the rotating turning increases, its effectiveness rapidly decreases.  Adding weight to the base of a Lathe helps, but mainly to prevent walking or toppling.  Materials to a lesser degree also affect vibration, mainly at higher frequencies.  Cast Iron is somewhat better than steel in absorbing vibration, but concrete is 20 times better than cast iron.  The Headstock on the 2600 is a 64-pound rectangular steel tube filled with 100 pounds of concrete.  This combination has the very high strength of steel, and the unusually effective vibration absorbing capacity of concrete, with lots of mass surrounding the spindle.


All components that are subject to rapidly varying load need to be very rigid, as any deflection causes vibration.  Steel (being almost twice a stiff as Grey Iron) is frequently the optimum choice.  Shape is also a very important consideration in machine design in order to reduce vibration.


Turning large bowls can be quite physically demanding.  Good Lathe design can reduce these demands considerably.  Hollowing out bowls is particularly demanding if it requires leaning over a Lathe Bed.  The design of the 2600 yields an exceedingly comfortable machine to use.


The Electrical Control is mounted on a pivoting pendant arm, making it convenient for all turning operations.

~AC MOTOR (standard)

(1.5 HP, or phase 3)

The AC Drive model has a low and a high speed range.  Spindle Speed is continuously variable in both high and low range by means of a hand crank.  Speed in a low range is 160 to 425 RPM.  High range speed is 800 to 2200 RPM.  A reversing drum switch is located on the pendant arm for Forward / Off / Reverse.

~DC DRIVE (optional)

(1.5 HP, 220 volt 1 phase)

DC motors can rotate a workpiece at very low RPM's, but the spindle torque will be very low compared to running the motor faster.  Consequently we utilize a compound belt reduction, in combination with the DC motor/controller, to provide very high torque at very low speeds.  5/8", "B" section Vee Belts are used for very effective power transmission.

The DC motor controller (mounted on the pendant) features a rotary speed control dial, spindle reversing switch and motor brake.  Speed range is from 0 to 425 in the low range and 0 to 2520 in the high range.


The Tool Rest Base is fabricated from two 1 1/4" square steel bars for extreme stiffness.  It weighs 17# and is surface ground for predictable and smooth motion.  Locking of the base is achieved by cam action using the extra long pivoting tee handle.  The Tool Rest has a 1 1/4" shank welded to heavy steel cross bars, yielding great stiffness…they will never break (GUARANTEED).


The 2600 Lathe is supplied with heavy Steel Mesh Guard that offers a great deal of protection.  It may be removed or swung out of the way for spindle access.  WE RECOMMEND USING GUARDS FOR ALL TURNING!


The spindle is 1-1/4" diameter, supported by three (3) sealed for life ball bearings.  Thread size is 1-1/4"-8 tpi.


The 2600 Tailstock is designed so that it can be easily removed, when not required, by backing out of the 5/8" clamping bolt.  No wrench is required.  With the Tailstock removed only the short 16" bed remains between the Turner and the spindle.  This gives the same access to the work as in OD turning.  The Tailstock Spindle is #2 MT with a total travel of 9".  The Live Center is adjustable from 6" to 15" away from the Headstock Spindle Nose.


The Lathe Bed is an unusually wide 13 inches that completely supports the Tool Rest Base for most work.  It is made from 3/4" thick, surface ground steel. 


4" Face Plate

Spur Center

Live Tailstock Center

12" Tool Rest

Spanner Wrench

AC Motor / Reversing Switch


Round Bar Tool Rest

6" Face Plate

8" Face Plate

Bowl Tool Rest

Tail Stock Spindle Extension

Inside Bowl Tool Rest


Removing the Tailstock allows for excellent accessibility to the Spindle.  Much emphasis has been placed on making this machine comfortable and easy to use.


A pair of 7.5" diameter pulleys and jackshaft, coupled with adequate horsepower provides the power for this Lathe.  Easy access to the belts makes for easy changes from high to low range.  A Hand Crank adjusts the speed of AC Motor Lathes and allows shifting from high to low range on both AC and DC models.


Swing - 24"

Between Centers - 6" - 17"

Weight - 500#

Spindle Speeds

DC Motor - 0 - 425 / 0 - 2520

AC Motor - 160 - 425 / 800 - 2200

Headstock Spindle - 1 1/4 - 8, #2 MT

Spindle Height to Floor - 37" to 42"

Tailstock - No. 2 MT

Motor & Electrical

~Standard - AC 1 - 1/2 HP 220V 1 phase TEFC with drum reversing switch 110 volt optional but not suggested.

~Optional - DC 1 - 1/2 HP 220V 1 phase TEFC with variable speed controller and reversing switch.